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Here are some answers to questions I get most often ...
Conduct during the session

Please respect my limits ..

Can I kiss you?
I do not allow clients to kiss me.

Are 'extras' available?
I do sensual tantric massage, I do it very well and enjoy it. I do not do 'Oral' or offer sex / full service. Please do not ask as you will be refused.

Can I touch you?
I do not allow imtimate touching. If you try I'll move your hand away or move out of reach. If you persist our session will end.
Preparation for the Session

Should I shower before I come to you?
I offer shower facilities before and after your massage. It's probably best to shower on arrival.

Is there any issue with eating and drinking before the session?
I recommend you do not have a meal before our massage, or no more than a light snack. To fully enjoy all the sensations it is best not to drink alcohol before coming to me.

I may be allergic to some oils?
If you have any type of allergy please tell me before you come. Usually I can find an oil that will be OK for you.