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On arrival you will be asked if you wish to take a shower. This is to ensure your personal freshness, creating a more pleasant atmosphere for the session.
Once you have returned to your front I can continue the prostate massage if you wish, combining it with an extended scrotal and lingam (Sanskrit for penis) massage. I use various strokes demonstrating the full dexterity of my fingers, hands and torso as I bring you to a climactic crescendo. I will then settle your energy down through the chakras so that you are left feeling like you are floating on a blissful cloud of pure relaxation. You are then free to shower using a variety of low odour products.

When centred I will ask you to lay down, most likely working on your front first, relaxing you from top to toe. Remember that above all, this is an all over body massage experience to take you to a heightened level of relaxation. Your body will be in a state of supreme meditation, you may even see colours as I work on your crown chakra!
The massage is performed on a comfortable massage table. I will either be in lingerie, topless or naturist (nude) depending on your chosen therapy. First I will begin with you seated so that you can become at ease with my touch and your surroundings. I will encourage slow gentle breathing via some simple exercises whilst I get a feel of your energy levels in each chakra.
During the massage I expect you to keep any mutual touch light, respectful and avoiding my sexual areas. This is so that I can focus purely on facilitating your perfect relaxation whilst maintaining my own inner calm. If there is anywhere that you wish me to focus more on you, or leave out all together then do please say so.
Once you have turned over I will work on your back using a combination of deep and light strokes to chase out the tensions held in the muscles. Whilst I work your buttocks and base chakra I can also include stimulation of the prostate gland. To do this I will use a fresh glove which will be disposed of immediately afterwards as I adhere to a strict code of hygiene.