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Francesca offers sensual massage therapies in Central London & Gatwick, UK 
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Erotika Collection
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If you are interested in any of these therapies please phone me on the number at the top of the page.
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My Therapies

Finest sensual massage Gatwick & London

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All my SENSUAL MASSAGES can include lingam (penis) or yoni (vagina) stimulation if you wish. For gentlemen prostate stimulation can be also included.

Lingerie Massage
I will be dressed in lingerie selected from my extensive wardrobe of exquisite ladies under garments!
45 mins - £60, 1 hr - £80, 90 mins - £130, 2 hrs - £180

Topless Massage
I will be topless with some cheeky panties on!
45 mins - £80, 1 hr - £100, 90 mins - £150, 2 hrs - £200

Naturist Massage
We will both be unhindered by clothes!
45 mins - £100, 1 hr - £120, 90 mins - £170, 2 hrs - £220

All these therapies will be full body unless you request otherwise. 

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Erotika Collection

Sensual naturist massages for Ladies in London

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These massages of for the truly adventurous!

Xxlyder Massage
Akin to nuru massage but utilising oil, this naturist sensual body sliding massage is performed on a specially designed mat to give the maximum enhacement to every gliding movement, deepening your experience as the expected friction is greatly reduced.

Unlike my Tantrika Erotika massage this does not include mutual touch and I ask you to respect my boundaries during this treatment.

1hr - £150 

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Tantrika Erotika
A fully naturist massage with oil, stimulating body to body slides, focusing on the front rather than the back. Includes guided mutual touch.

1 hr - £180, 90 mins - £230, 2 hrs - £280

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Sukebe Stool Experience
This sensual washing stool is an interesting experience to add to any of my massages!
(Please note that you will have to be able to get up from a squat on a loww chair and there is a weight limit. Please call me to discuss.

There are videos of these treatments on my full function site.  REQUIRES COOKIES.

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