The Finest English Sensual Masseuse
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Hygiene and Oils
One of the most important considerations is the maintenance of hygienic practices at all times. Fresh towels and linen are provided for each recipient. Towels, massage table covers and bath mats are washed using biological products to ensure they are thoroughly clean. After each use the surfaces, including oil bottles and shower are cleaned with top-grade anti-bacterial and anti-viral products. The Giver will cleanse their hands a number of times throughout the session, and thoroughly after, with a brush and antibacterial cleansers. *If you have any allergies or sensitivities then please say before the session so that you can be well catered for!*

The Oils:
Most typically the oil of choice is Grapeseed, a thin oil that penetrates quickly, Recipients young and old, benefit from its moisturising and skin cell regenerating properties. It is naturally high in antioxidants, can reduce the appearance of stretch marks, fine lines and even be used as a shaving oil. It is also the perfect nut-free option for most people.