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Frequently Asked Questions

You will find answers and guidance here for those questions I am frequently asked.    

What happens in a massage with you?
I'll show you in a video!  Just click here.
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Can I kiss you?
Oh please?

Please Click here.    [Questions List]

I booked with you before but had to cancel, am I in your bad books?

Well that depends, if you gave me timely notice then you are OK. [Questions List]

I booked but then didn't show up, am I in your bad books?

If you didn't show up and didn't tell me then possibly your life clearly isn't flowing well, irony of ironies you probably need a massage!

You've not ruined your chances, but because you have been unreliable you will only get a reserve appointment. This means if a reliable regular calls for the same appointment slot it will go to them and I will cancel you and let you know. If you don't like that then here's an alternative. [Questions List]

Can I come along early?

Probably not, I will be preparing the room (and myself) for the massage (that's polite code for going to the loo). If you want to bring the time forward then please message me and if I can accommodate I will. [Questions List]    [Top]

I was once 3 minutes early and you wouldn't pick up my call.

I was probably on the loo, the place I'm almost certain to be just before a session. Not exactly the best place to be to answer the phone or door! [Questions List]

A Sukebe Stool

Do you offer "other" services, O, A, FS, WS etc?

Thank you for your interest, please click here [Questions List]   [Top]

Will you visit me in my home?

No. You are probably a nice person who isn't going to bury me under your patio, but I I'm sure you can understand I can't take the risk! [Questions List]

Will you visit me in my hotel?

Probably not. It can be difficult to fit in hotel visits between other appointments and I prefer to work on a massage table in a designated room designed to fit for purpose.
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Can I smoke/drink/take drugs in the massage?

No. I also ask you not to turn up having recently smoked. That is very important as I'm highly sensitive to smoke.
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Can I touch you in the massage?

I prefer to work on someone without having to worry about where their limbs are flailing to next. If you want to touch me please book the Erotika session in which I will guide you through touch.
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I'd like to bring you a gift, what is ideal?

Oh, thank you. Well, I do love good quality chocolates (dairy, wheat and nut-free please) and I'm particularly partial to a good quality sparkling wine.
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I think I spotted you outside of your massage location and you totally ignored me, why?

Being the soul of discretion this is something I will do to protect you and myself for potentially awkward questions. Please don't take it personally.
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You banned me in the past, surely there's been enough water under the bridge, don't you believe in second chances?

The odds are on that after I banned you, you've contacted me again and I've told you repeatedly to go elsewhere.

I'm sorry if you find no one else is matching up to my technique, but you were probably looking at me as more than just a Massage Provider and trying to push my boundaries. Remember; No means No. Please click here
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Erotika Collection Massages

Erotica Collection includes guided touching

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