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Massage with Francesca

A video (6m 30s long, no sound) of a lingerie massage session with me.  Contains nudity. 


Francesca, sensual massesue in London

People often ask me what happens in a massage session with me.  To cover this I have had a video made to show the sequence of the massage and some of the techniques I use to give you an incredibly erotic experience!

This video is of a lingerie massage in my London location.

The video is 6:30 minutes long and covers therapeutic elements of my massage and shows the relaxion and stimulation cycle that is the base of all my massages.

There is no sound track to the video.

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Lingerie Massage Video

The Lingerie Massage video showing the therapeutic relaxation and stimulation phases of my massage.

This video contains nudity. If this offends you or you are under 18 years old then DO NOT WATCH this VIDEO.

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Sukebe Stool Experience

This sensual washing stool is an interesting experience to add to any of my massages, lingerie, topless or naturist.   

Sukebe experience

Sensual Therapeutic Massages

See my sensual therapies if this is too adventurous for you.

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A happy ending can be included