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Appointments in Tenerife start soon. Contact me for latest details.  

About Me!

Find out about me and my background.  You'll also find some background to Tantra

Francesca and Tantra

My background
An interview with me  

About Tantra 
Continuing my theme of not being a run-of-the-mill Masseuse and in the interest of diversification I'm now taking appointments on the holiday island of Tenerife.

Please do be aware I've not cloned myself, I'm currently peripatetic, flying between London and Tenerife so I will not always be able available in either location.

If this is your booked holiday destination please let me know in advance when you want an appointment. I may be able to adjust my flights to accommodate your appointment.

You'll find I've a discreetly located premises with shower facilities on site.

Located a very short taxi ride (approx €4-10) from the popular tourist spots of Los Cristianos and Costa Adeje area. 

Don't worry if you don't speak Spanish, I will text you with the location and you can show it to a taxi driver.

If you are holidaying with family and they are into waterparks or whale watching but you are not then while they head off to them that's your perfect time to come and visit me.  If you happen to spot me on your flight, don't panic I'm the soul of discretion.

Make your appointment now. 

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About Francesca
Call to receive a tender, genuine touch by a top English independent full body massage provider based between London (W2) England and Tenerife

Francesca is British, a much qualified masseuse offering a full body massage with a sensual, therapeutic and erotic touch to men, women and couples. Working in a dedicated room, set with an ambient theme and the highest regard to hygiene, shower facilities are available both beforehand and after.

Do not call for services beyond sensual massage, you will be turned down.

Francesca has built an excellent reputation on her meticulous specialised massage skills. A trained therapist in many genres of therapeutic bodywork in addition to sensual and erotic massage in her own very unique style, she is highly regarded and much reviewed.

Francesca is known for her empathetically minded, yet professional and practical approach, and her advice and experience blog is also enjoyed by many. [About List]      [Top]

I have great hands

An interview with Francesca.

"I've been a fully trained, qualified masseuse for many years now. I've become somewhat of a unicorn in the business. It may surprise people to know this can be a tough gig at times and most Service Providers quit after around 3-5 years but I've been able to happily carry on going.

In part I credit this to maintaining a high level of professionalism and boundaries. I have strict rules of hygiene and cleanliness. I will treat you with respect, be timely and honour booked session, not cancelling if a better option comes along (unless you have no-showed me in which case I have special rules [see FAQ]). I use natural unscented oils and strive to offer unfragranced products in my bathroom.

In addition to keeping fresh with CPD courses and adapting them to suit my style, part of the secret to my success is that I don't follow the crowd. I've not been afraid to follow my intuition and do things differently.

Oh, and I guess it also helps that I actually really enjoy working on people!

I am happy to see people over the age of 18, of all genders, the only things I ask is for people to be clean, respectful, and not to smoke or take drugs or excessive alcohol before a session.

Don't fret if you don't feel that you are body beautiful, I don't judge, I'm working on the energy inside and once I'm done you should find you are too relaxed to worry."

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About Tantra
Tantric practice has diversified greatly over its 6000 years (plus), with many break away and sub divisions. It holds its roots in India, spreading though the Asian continent and holds links into both Hindu and Buddhist texts.

Elements of Tantra can be utilised as an exploration of our sensual self. Of intimate personal acceptance, working beyond ones boundaries, freeing us from bodily shame, hurts & inhibitions to achieve a blissful state of personal acceptance.
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Erotika Collection Massages

Erotica Collection includes nuru massage

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