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If you send me an email, use the contact form in my full function website, text me or phone me I will receive some personal data which may be recorded by a device I own or a service I use.
By taking any of those actions, you consent to my storing/processing that personal data to handle your enquiry or make an appointment. My legitimate interest is that you are requesting a service from me.
Emails and phone records may remain stored for some years.
I will only record your name (the name you give me), your email address if you send an email, and phone number if you give it to me. I will not record any other details such as medical issues, so please remind me of these if you visit again. If I feel you constitute a threat to my safety, I reserve the right to retain that fact indefinitely.

If you have questions regarding my handling of your personal data, please phone me on the number on my website.


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Bugloss plant from Tenerife - my favourite European holiday destination.

My BASIC SITE provides outlines of my therapies and how to contact me by phone.

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